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Smart Accountant

A Software that can think


Smart Accountant is complete solution for small and large scale business either your business is kind of electronics, bikes or other.. any kind of business in which you have to manage accounts of customers and suppliers, Either you have have Installment Business or other. Smart Accountant will provide you all the reports of all sales or purchases. Smart Accountant also provide the services for any business like if you have super store with single branch or multi branches.


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AT Remote Desktop

AT(Abiding Tech) Remote Desktop works on local network as well as world-wide.

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Web Application

Web Element provides powerful web application services that add to your credibility, increases your business margins, and helps you connect better with your customers. Be it a startup with basic web app development requirement or a conglomerate with complex web application needs, we are trusted partners for all scales of businesses, for areas such as inventory, sales, invoicing or any part of your business process, which needs to be centrally managed. We have the widest array of industries served for development and release of web applications across multiple platforms, which speaks volumes of our track record.


Typically, IOT’s growing network of internet enabled devices cover various protocols, domains and applications. Expected to usher automation in nearly all fields, Internet of Things offers advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services that go beyond M2M (machine to machine) communications. Simply put, internet of things solutions are helping build smart devices that are connected to the internet and share data.

Arduino Projects

Your Arduino comes loaded with Temboo.

Find the best Arduino programming services you need to help you successfully meet your project planning goals and deadline

Tech Support

Technical support (often shortened to tech support) refers to services that entities provide to users of technology products or services. In general, technical support provide help regarding specific problems with a product or service, rather than providing training, provision or customization of product, or other support services. Most companies offer technical support for the services or products they sell, either included in the cost or for an additional fee. Technical support may be delivered over by phone, e-mail, live support software on a website, or other tool where users can log an incident

Education Services

We Proudly Provide computer education Services.We believe in thinking out of the box to take you out the circles because sometimes people working on ideas just revolve around a circle that hinders their ability to produce innovative ideas and products. Our aim is to show you the world outside these boundaries.